Mlevi 1 ameshindwa na kazi bwana

Yaani hatuko hii list?

Estonia is also the aethiest country in the world

Hapa kwa “other” naona uganda na tz wanangoza…must be chan’gaa

Beer remains the most preferred drink worldwide


Nigeria ndio wamebeba kikombe ya ‘steam’

I thought tuko number one worldwide

Very proud of Nigeria hapana tambua mkojo ya mzungu to be seen classy.

Muratina/Busaa/Palm wine should be by now the national drink in Kenya- Kebs certified and packaged like our usual Gilbeys.

Kwa sababu haujatembea dunia, you miss the global scope. Pale Russia(and former USSR republics), drinking is like a meal. They shut down manufacturing plants for lunch to go for a drink. And I don’t entirely blame them. You have to charge up early in the morning before walking to your car in that cold sijui minus 25 degrees. At minus 10, you feel like a bat is biting your ears.

:smiley: hii yako pia haikai ku travel dunia nikama documentary uliwatch mahali.

Nigeria tops in the “others” category. Kwani wao hunywa nini?

I thought Nigeria is an Islam :star_and_crescent: country and drinking is haram

West Africa and palm wine.

Palm wine

Kenyans we are Godfearing , chaste and moral people. pombe tunakunywa tu saturday then tunarudi kupiga waks . :smiley:

hio Eswatini itabidi mungu aingilie kati all ills zina flame huko . at the moment HIV prevalence huko ni 30% of the population

True dat. Kama Mimi sijakunywa pombe seriously for almost two weeks. I need to take a leave from work this Friday and drink seriously