Mlaji Miwa na Wakataji Miwa


Ndani ya gari ni jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi. He has a lifetime health insurance cover, billions to afford the best hospitals on earth, and is fully vaccinated. He can charter a jet to Dubai within short circumstances. Worst case scenario is Nairobi Hospital private wing.

Nje ya gari kuna kamati ya kukosa akili a.k.a serikali saidia battalion. Zero health insurance. Negative bank balance. Wakipata covid wanalala wanne wanne kama PK in a filthy public hospital. They may never access a ventilator.

These are the guys Kenya is filled with. We are fkd.

Maisha imekuwa ivo tangu enzi za kale. Master na Slave, mwalimu na mwanafunzi, employer na employee, landlord na tenant, hakuna kitu abnormal kwa io mkutano ya Ruto. Yesu mwenyewe alienda binguni kututengezea makao, sababu huku duniani hali iko kama vile unaona kwa io photo umepost. Hali halisi. Mahali kokote kwenye binadamu yuko, maisha iko ivo

So you’re advocating for the status quo?

Hapana. Eleweni societal hierarchy. Na muelewe kazi ya politician ni gani. Na muache kuweka expectations zenu kwa wanasiasa. Why do Kenyans want good leadership? Do they deserve it? Watu wanaenda kanisa ya Owuor, wanajitokeza maelfu kwa meetings za Raila na Ruto, mbona mnawahurumia?

Awa politicians wanastahili wacreate environment iko stable yenye itaallow citizens waprosper, something that we know your Arror and cronies cannot afford to do. Sasa najua utaniambia past presidents pia hawakufanya the same. As long as politicians wameplay role yao the rest should be left to the citizens. You are retarded to say the leasr

Hawatafanya ivo. Tangu 2013 ni miaka kumi sasa, mkisema politicians wanafaa wafanye…na hawafanyi, mtawaste lives zenu za za watoto wenu mkiongea siasa na opinions vile politicians wanafaa kufanya 24/7. Politician anajua uko retarded, na hatafanya chenye umesema anafaa kufanya.

Never underestimate the power of FOOLS. majority of voters are in this category.
Expect more shafting of the masses

you are just jealous.
leaders cannot be poor. history has proven it.

I’m not concerned about the leaders. Ruto and his entourage are there for business and it makes perfect sense for them to hold that rally. It is the peasants I’m worried about. How dumb do these mjeii going peasants have to be to attend superspreader events.

election day ntakuwa juu ya intern kienyeji after kulewa the whole night . sipigi kura hii election

Hutapigia @Agwambo na Babu owino?

Yes indeed.
These are the guys kenya is filled with…learn to live with them.
Majority are victims of circumstances.
No one chooses their parents or homesteads…we just have to make do with what life has to offer.
Nothing wrong with that picture at all…i just see a group of kenyans who respect democracy and have chosen to support a candidate they find appealing…policy or personality?..doesnt matter…this is who theyve chosen.
Otherwise imagine crowds kama hii ziki go on rampage all over the country.
Shukuru bado watu wana abide by processes regardless of how flawed anx dysfunctional our systems are.
These crowds can pause other worse challenges then ndio uta realise the people arent the problem.
Problem is the leaders who betray themselves then betray the people they claim to represent and/or voted for them.
The hearts of men azor ahai…the hearts of men.

Wrong. Everying is wrong with that photo. It shows 10000 idiots listening to 1 smart person. The 10000 idiots are exposing themselves to covid for nothing in return. Most of them can’t even afford private healthcare. If you are poor, fine - being poor is not a crime. If you are stupid enough to attend a superspreader event while poor with nothing to gain, that’s on you.

If you are going to expose yourself to covid, do it at work, not on some politician’s superspreader event.

I wonder what goes on in chief Rustlers mind while campaigning in 45, does he plot to order the masses to turn North and claim what they can?

nimechoka na ujinga ya watu

He knows his one vote will be checkmated by mungikiress vote for Ruto.

Guys were masked, if you ask me it’s Ruto who should worry coz he is never in a mask

Ruto was among the first people in the country to take the shot … Tumia akili bro

Sputnik if memory serves me…sindio!?
And we all know how that went…

Azor ahai…the hearts of men.
Wachana na super spreader nini nini…we have to forge on regardless.
This disrespect for rules and laws ilianzishwa na the elite themselves…whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
Liwe liwalo.

Support Mganga pole pole hatukusumbui…The disguise or ploy of going the longer route to discredit wsr is tired and we alll know what lies in your dim eyed heart.acha long cut and hit nail on head.we dont care