mkubwa ya polis kwa kina ngahū


bunch of foolish zealots

Truth be told, Nigerians wanakunia kila mahali. These are pple who have made getting visas to Europe and USA become difficult for other Africans.

The problem in seut afrika is backed up from presidency down the illiterate niggas in the streets. No way a police boss will be this bold when he ain’t sharing same opinions with his seniors.

Frederik Willem de Klerk should just have stayed on…Mandela didn’t change sh*t.

this thing is far from over, Kila mtu arudi kwao, hapa kuna ngori

Ata mimi, nimeinua mikono,Navile Harmonize ameng’ang’a kutunga hii ngoma.

There is truth in what that police officer is saying. Hillbrow is a hellhole. Hata kama ni wewe, watu waanze kuuza drugs, guns openly and robbing people in your local estate utafurahi?

That presser has only added fuel to the fire, that guy absolved the Police and the State of all responsibility, if they do not want foreign nationals they can deport them, if criminals shoot at them si they shoot back, ama their cops are scared fuckers? We can lend them Hessy & Crew wasaidie hao, listening to that guy you can clearly tell the State does not give a shit!

Meaning the authorities are okay with the method being used to “deport” the foreigner.I mean even if there is all manner of vices in Hillbrow,doesn’t that statement set the local against the foreigner.Hii vita haitaisha soon

The officer is crude and the incompetent S.A. police are responsible for all that mess. But in any case, Nigerians and Zimbabweans wamepeleka a lot of criminality huko. Carjackings, rape, violent robberies, gun selling, drugs etc.

I wouldn’t blame them,if police are lax that was bound to happen.The Nigerians were a nuisance just recently here in Kenya,do you hear of them anymore?

Only those with papers are around,those other urchins ran back home before Matiang’i got them

Bado wako though chini ya maji. Huwa nawaona but they are careful, huwezi wapata in large groups kama kitambo.

A random pounce on one,you’ll find majority are here legally.Yaah we can’t miss out a few.ZA authorities should embark on deporting the illegals not crying like helpless people.I mean how can you say that soon a foreigner will vie for a presidential seat,how …that man need some checks,not just medical ones.

Na that statistic he pulled out of his ass ati foreign nationals are the majority in the city at 80% of the city’s population, he is clearly supportive of those attacks on foreigners

Basically this police is saying that he and the state are too incompetent to deal with the criminal foreigners so anarchy is the way.

It is true Nigeria main export everywhere are vices of all kinds. I also am very suspicious of them here in kenya. But blaming all crime on them is a lie. South Africa have the most violent robbers and rapists in Africa.

He forgets that after those locals are thru with the foreigners, their appetite for looting will only have increased. Next will be looting from local haves by ‘have nots’. We saw this in kisumu 2007.

Kuna some Zimbabweans wanasumbua sana considering pia they blend in easily due to linguistic and cultural similarities.