Mkubwa wa Diaspora kachoma picha

[SIZE=7]Kenyan Advisory Council of Texas Chairman Alex Karundu Exposed For Sending N*de Videos To Underage Girl[/SIZE]

A Kenyan on social media has exposed the Kenyan Advisory Council of Texas Chairman Alex Karundu for sending explicit photos and videos of himself to an underage girl whose identity has been hidden for security reasons.

Through a popular Telegram group, the girl’s guardian informed netizens that a sexual harassment complaint against the American-based businessman had been filed with local authorities and his imminent arrest is expected “any day he lands in Kenya.

for pics and vid dio hiro rink kama ni old news wacha wakuje

byt whats wrong with Niggas how do you send a nudes like some 20 year old skunk hoe

Wah! huyu ni Ken Walibora mwingine. After aibu Ken Walibora alikunja mkia akapotelea kabisa
Hizi ujinga you do them as a teenager then once you hit a certain age hakuna nudes unless ni live live

Walimbora mswahili tena?

Yes he exposed himself to a student of his in USA. When questioned he stated he had exposed himself to about 5 other women. Ngombe ya mtu was walking around with his zipper open

Huyo Jamaa alikuwa kwa TV hapo kwa Alex Chamwada how we made it abroad. Kumbe kichwa imejaa uji

Men how do men take pictures of their nudes and send it to women?

PWEGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGE Amechoma picha jos, adi vida bana :D:D

:D:D:D Kumbe ni hii ghaseer

Amechomea partners wa Seagate Holdings by extension. I saw the expose on Telegram but didn’t think much of it, kumbe ni bigwig wa diaspora

Every man has flaws. I hope what he has done wont haunt him in America and make him register as a sex offender. He needs to “good lawyer up”