MKU chics will finish Wanjohi

@Dean Room 254 … had similar encounter the other day… somehow we develop that over protective issue. Its Natural instinct…

Without fwking there is no life.

So who do you think your sons will marry? Virgin mary or the ones you fwk have germinated from the soil?

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It seems that many people here have a proxy character, which they dispose after getting tired of it. After breaking character many bow out and come under new handles and characters. Others simply break character with their current handles. Its depressing trying to play phony character all time. Just assume regular character.

Im not supporting this behavior whatsoever but I wish my country was developed enough where students would be able to find part time or casual jobs while they are studying…but then again a hoe is a hoe.

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@Purr_27 can i be your in law?

:slight_smile: you are welcme

Wacha nikuje inbox harafu tuende whatsapp harafu nionyeshwe rooster halafu nishague

woiye sweetie. umekasirika mpaka you posted three times!

Sad and funny

tumia hii boss
wewe ni lost case

otherwise si hawa madame wanajua kenye wanafanya?!? kila nyani na starehe zake… kama coomer anaaka kuuza profit/loss ni kwake…


The intention of my statement was to corroborate @ ice cube pictures that MKU girls are so cheap that if I wanted I could find Emma’s number easily. Am a 1 woman person.


Now that is super cheap…

Your woman must be proud of you…

hehe am not a virgin advocator, everyone ferks but I sure hope they wont marry like the ones on that screenshot. Personally I know I wont marry a virgin but I wont mind, just hopping not to get one with such a colorful history

I think u meant Daughters…

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hook me up man…mimi nitalipa iyo pesa yote

That’s below the cherry hole.

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I have heard stories

tell us the stories el maestro