MKopa and other Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones are trash, I swear

My associate has a Samsung Galaxy A53. She had to pay total 85k and was only 16k left to clear the loan. The SIM slot failed and had to resort to using Wi-Fi to unlock the phone. She then took it to where she got it and was forwarded to a Samsung shop for repairs. They reset the phone and now the phone is technically useless because it lost all saved networks and won’t connect automatically to open Wi-Fi networks. Saa hii mtu ako na withdrawal symptoms za social media akitumianga kamatumbo ka Itel.

If you know you can’t practice financial discipline, just have your bank open a locked account and open it when your limit is reached.

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Watu wanataka kununua simu zenye hawaezi afford. Si uwe unasave daily mpaka siku target itafuka you buy the phone. Sasa phone ya 50k you end up paying over 100k for the phone.


Why do people want phones so much. My phone was stolen, and for sometime I was so happy.

People who never call me started asking, What happened: I called you and you were mteja! This people never call you!
Others thought, hehehe, I was running from the police. Kumbe niliibiwa simu nikiwa blackout!! ‘Ati this are my Friends!!!’.

Thank God, I have AMD machine! Qualcomm and Helio nimehama!

Lipa mdogo mdogo upate simu ya Tash

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Visit your rural areas and check on your cousins huko. Most of them are so immersed in this thing when buying electronics, phones, motorcycles and so on. Lipa mdogomdogo is a scam that is already a national disaster whose dangers very few people have already noticed.
Most of these motorcycles that are reclaimed before end of payment come from this mode of purchase. And in some instances, the buyers disappear together with the motorcycles, and are found dead.


Niliambia kunguru ingine eti Mimi I’m never a fun of hizo mkopa au lipa mdogo mdogo.Akaanza kulia eti simtaki… I gave her green light achukue atajilipia…saa hii ameshindwa…namcheka kwa umbali


Sio simu pekee yake. Watu anataka kuishi maisha hawawezani nayo, mostly kushindana na peers na show off. If you can’t pay cash for it then you can’t afford it. Loan unless ni ya BIASHARA (na hata hivyo Kuna ifs mingi sana za ku consider), wacha ikae.

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Tell us more about the locked account kuna kitu nadai kushika na discipline inaweza nipiga chenga

Which specific Phone you got that’s using AMD chipset?

Mwambie anitafute KG status complete, OEM OFF. Fuk mdm