Mkamba aling'oa speed governor ya mdomo kabisa

Huyu inafaa atangaze Toboa Tuesdays. Kila chuusdey anatuangushia bombshell ya kutu-keep busy mpaka the following chuusdey.

Walisema kama haina QR code ni fake nyuuz

Mkamba by now amechoma picha, 97% ya readers wataamini ata kama ni fake nyews.

He is playing a dangerous game… atakula ndegu. He should create his own version of weekleaks anatuangushia habari chini ya maji.

Sonko ni @mlipuayote

A very dangerous game this fool is playing.
What he’s doing has the potential to burn 254 and change its landscape forever.
All it would take is for a Tangatanga hustler to feed this guy some copper…
And just like that, chaos would erupt.

Acha Sonko atoboe… Hiyo murder ya Msando na Birrionare Juma alituum sana

Fahali wakipigana ni nyasi huumia. We endelea kungoja uhondo na ni wewe tu utaumia.

Why is he making enemies left right and centre?

Sisi there is nothing we can do for now, apart from watching them fight for our money

In life you are elevated to your highest level of incompetence. He achieved his rather quickly.

…sonko si atuliye tu akule pesa yake pole pole. Hii mchezo ya kujifanya redio itamweka pabaya saidi ya mno.

But when I consider Moses Kuria’s words when he found Msando’s car, i have a feeling he never knew the guy was already murdered.

Sonko aside, I have noticed most Kamba people don’t know how to keep a secret.

Shoga mzee you hurt my feelings that you didn’t tag me here. Why shoga mzee why? Are you giving up? :D:D

Sonkoste ni hard kuangusha kitu chini ya maji coz lazima awe centre of attention apewe credit.

mkamba ni mkamba tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D:D:D:D:D

Hehehe. Nothing will happen if Sonko is shot dead. A few goons would throw stones for a few hours, get tired and go back to their pathetic lives. The only person who would make the country to burn if shot dead is Agwambo.

If a staunch tribalist Okuyu like you can admit that, then it’s very true

Chief Hustler is also untouchable.