Usiwai post maffi kama hii tena under sex n relationships. Post huko kwa entertainment. Brary maggot

Kwa huku ni kwa mamako, brary foo

Ni kwa nyanyako wewe? Mbona hujui kusoma simple things? Weka video in appropriate thread and nobody will question about your small brain full of feaces

Peleka gatekeeping huko. I will post what I want where I want, when I want. Kama inakuwasha sana ambia admin atoe. You can simply click on the next thread.

Anyone who’d find that entertaining is a complete moron who’s beyond redemption

Chief chokosh @cortedivoire arriving in 3,2…1[ATTACH=full]374042[/ATTACH]

hii iko kwa sex and relation kwani wasee hunyonga na hii?
[SIZE=1]sijawatch nimeona thumbnail pekee[/SIZE]

Translation : Njagi was a Bonobo. He reached out to his dad asking for a wife. Akasakiwa wife and he was happy he’ll finally get to bore a son and name him after his dad. He had zero knowledge about copulation so he just sat next to his wife wondering why she wasn’t getting paged. Days flew by and he requested the wife waende hosi.

Kufika huko, doc akashikanisha what was happening and asked them to come na maize grains na jogoo. They obliged na Kufika hosi, doc asked them to take position. Dem akadoz missionary na boy akazama. He didn’t know he had to thrust. So doc akajaza mbemba (maize) kwa mkalala (butt crack). The idea was the cock would tong’a. (peck) he’d thrust. The fella had the best feeling of his life. Wakaingia repeat mode hadi maize zikakatika and the cock won’t peck anymore . See the conversation that follows -
Njagi: why’s the cock not pecking?

Doc: There’s no more maize at the mkalala (butt crack)

Njagi : Sighs then shouts "add more maize in my butt crack… Do it faster…

Stupid song nonetheless.

Stupid post from a foolish handle

@AchanaNaMimi unafaa ukunywe @Poison ukufe