Mjinga anaendelea kuliwa


Kabla @Lemah ayanu aitwe mathenge…

It will only take a revolution to save this country

Bus za Somalia huchukuliwa wapi?

How can we all boycott paying taxes till the government and by this I mean the whole lot of it, executive, judiciary and Parliament start showing some accountability in managing public resources?

Waiting for that commenter who always says we should wait for auditing results before claiming theft. He vehemently defended the government in the last health sector scandal which turned out to be a heist after all.

I also wish there was a way to safely do that lest we find ourselves auctioned off by the same idiots.

Ruto will have to answer some very tough questions concerning corruption during 2013-2022 when he starts campaigning to be president. People will ask him “what did you do to stop it and what did you do to have the thieves charged”
All this stealing will erode his standing even if he is not involved.
I hope he knows this

Hiyo ni yako. When idiots like wakanyugi dominate among the masses what do you expect? Anyway, he may get rejected but will finally rig himself in.

Shafting proper. Na hustler bado

In a speech this week made in Kalenjin language he was boasting how he should not be hated for "kujitafutia’.

Am I allowed to advocate for tax evasion?
Hii nchi ukifuata hekaya za serikali, you’re as insane as an illiterate retard in Mathare Hospital.

The most shocking thing to me was that it was People Daily. Unye’s own paper.

Things are bad.

when have masses ever asked such questions

they do. Then they don’t reelect politicians. Kidero is one example. Obviously some corrupt ones manage to sail through.

Kidero didn’t identify with people, he did not know how to chearup crowds and organize rescue teams or even wear bling. that was his undoing. not theft or corruption. there no single theft of funds by kidero that the commoner is aware of.

kuna ile scandal ya missing 200million that people know of.

Wewe this questions you are asking only happens in wakanda. Already an elite commentator called spear has started blowing ruto trumpet , what about people in mogotio? Elections on kenya is all about tribal alignment . Case closed

wanasema the referendum will f*ck him up. Let’s wait and see