Mjamaa ame amua lazima aendeshe gari kubwa

Its not a Hyundai, not a Kia, not even Ssangyong…its called Haval…, whatever that is.

Hii ni tucker tucker ya China. Afadhali niendelee na team footsubishi ama ni-buy ex-japan ya 2013.


By the way, naona hii gari ni expensive. It could be owned by a Chinese company/citizen

Though nikipewa hii bure siwesmind

Hebu post ile unaendesha tuone.

is it just me that thinks the KDA reg number looks ugly and ancient like fuckk. ni kama ni reg number ya pujo 404 ya 1920

It might be better than many other known car makers since its isnt a copy of something popular.
Someone who hasnt owned oppo or huawei phone may think its trash, but in my opinion and that of many others, they are far better than iphones, samsung, LG, nokia etc for similar prices.
That said, chinku ni bure tu. they like selling false features and conning the customer with their generic unbranded goods.
caradvice .com says this, "Haval is the biggest SUV brand in China, sells more than a million vehicles a year, and has R&D centres around the globe led by staffers pinched from established brands such as Ford and Toyota. ". chinku believes ukora is the best way.

I thought KAA was so odd when i saw it first time around 89.

how old are you elder?

walishindwa tu ku design number plate kama za tz?

KE AAA 0001
AAA 0001 KE

Wacha ifike KEA utajua hujui.


Trump aende home, Chinese walete real compe

Si before you diss it u find out more about I.