Mjamaa Alichezewa Chafu, can one sue?

Mjamaa after winning the auction aka rudishiwa pesa few days later. I feel for him

Eka story yote:

Meanwhile, how do auctions work in Kanairo? Do you sign a contract? Receipt? Log book handed over?

Vitu za swara akubali amehepa shida

Second hand stuff and auction stuff hukuwa na nuksi sana. Avoid them at all costs. Buy only when the owner ndiye anakuuzia.

But hii machine ni smart pia. its worth the fight

Unfortunately iko mtu ali double what he had offered…

Inanuka Leakey auctioneers

Nah some of those things are a lick. You can profit. Especially vile some of those things you can cartel and get it at discounts. The parties involved don’t have actual money involved. And won’t take a loss if it’s sold at minimum. So people going up and down getting cars cheap.

I’ve got a tv whose price is worth around 75k to 90k for almost a quarter that. Bought the thing for 5k then replaced some key parts. And even getting it. People were standing around being slick waiting for the bidding. And then the guy said. Hey if anyone gives me x amount I’m good… I told him here’s your five K. A scramble ensued after.
I need to go back soon.:D:D