MIXCRATE shutdown!

It is with sadness to announce that our beloved website www.mixcrate.com has been closed due to copyrights infringement. A way of life has been disprupted, all those awesome mixtapes we will never hear them again. All upcoming DJs have nowhere to showcase their talent, hii ni hujuma.

The copyright authorities also ensured all video mix tapes were removed from www.vimeo.com and also from www.soundcloud.com. No more Demakufu downloads, no more streaming your favourite djs mixes, no more downloading mixtapes for your car/houseparties. Lord help us.

sasa mixtapes ni illegal ama?

Zi. Kuna some songs are copyrighted, and end up in these mixtapes. The owners do not want them there unless you pay for them. In kenya where most DJs download mp3 illegally and make mixtapes, the site got into trouble. Like 80% of mixes in mixcrate were by Kenyan DJs.

aaah kcuf em… Lakini Music guys just have to evolve
Demakufu hamia Mixcloud. huko hamna upload limit

Same thing happened to grooveshark , brutal there’s no free internet

internet is free, just no free music

Hiyo mixcloud pia won’t last. The only way to beat the copyrights agencies is through peer to peer connections. Sadly, streaming via P2P is almost impossible due to non commitment of uploaders.

Mixtape na DJ mix ni different

So what about youtube? can you still put up your video-mixes there?


Copyright laws still apply there

yes, but there are videomixes there. and its not like they can shutdown youtube like they did these other sites

youtube is so bad they will mute your video.

kuna Dj mixes mingi sana youtube.

Yes, just don’t put up content that’s not original. Any infringement and your post is pulled down.

Si wafungue kwa Telegram ama it can’t work?Same way watu wa magazzeti walihama?

si wange mute tu hizo mixtapes kama youtube badala ya hio ufala:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hehehe…My Ninja you do not know how music distributors like the Sony group and UMG are not people to fuck with. You just end up doing a hide and seek game.
Read about how VEVO came about and you will understand.

Ebu patia mimi full website address ya hii mixcloud.

My dear the address is https://www.mixcloud.com/
their mobile app too https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mixcloud-radio-dj-mixes/id401206431?mt=8