Mitsubishi Shogun Fuso

We all grew up around the Mitsubishi Pajero, mostly used by state corporations, it became synonymous with some off-roading diehards, but that’s all we knew about it, or at least most folks.
It is easily identified with it’s silhouette of rather boxy shaped body complemented by some round edges, you see one and the name Pajero comes to mind.

This is what I’m talking about.
But then the naming started to change, yaitwa Shogun sasa, Pajero in Spanish means wanker- @cortedivoire and the group.

The below are now known as Mitsubishi Shogun

Trying to shake off the wanker name it had.

My ignorance come into play when they now advertise they’re building a Mitsubishi Shogun Fuso. Is it a Fuso on Pajero Platform? Or is it a naming convention that I would never figure out even if I read their philosophy over and over again


The above are Mitsubishi Shogun Fuso.
Just wondering

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For some reason I always associated the shotgun with the short chassis version of Pajero

I love this car, ni pesa tu sina. This or the Cruiser 70 series

These outlast their owners

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