Mitsubishi guts,Isuzu ELF vs Toyota Dyna

which is the best to go for considering durability, carrying capacity and running cost?

What you buying lorry ama pick up

Thats a tricky one considering that all are solid workhorses. Personally o would go for the 3 ton Elf…its a good balance of cost and durability.

Isuzu elf Kama kawaida

lorry because all have a double wheel axle

As long as si Toyota…

The dyna will outlive the elf and guts…

Guts seems to have differential issues
Elf is just a smaller npr only less reliable… Brakes Hakuna… Windscreen cracks ukibeba mzoga mzito juu ya cabin

Kama uko na kazi inabakisha poa go local

Hahaha… I agree. Unajua ile KBW? Hiyo diff imesumbua huyo kijana sana.

Elf inaitwa kanyuiiii ju ya hio sauti hutoa ikipiga breki

I am sure you don’t own even a jalopy!

The pity here is that you are sure

And if it’s my turn to be sure, I’d say:

Your mum isn’t sure you are his son

…but I won’t

if u want to carry volume and not weight go for Dyna.

Tafuta FH