Mistakes that cost Raila Odinga the Presidency

Which mistakes cost Raila the big seat?


Kunia ulale.

Letting Mudavadi and Wetangula go was probably the single biggest blunder. Those two would have locked Western and Trans Nzoia for Raila and he would have straight up won .

Whatever seats that Ruto offered MDVD and Weta ,Raila alikua na uwezo ya kuwapatia but he wanted to play hardball because the thought the so called deep state would come through for him .

The election was won in Bungoma


Move on already… Ungekuwa unashona suti ya yellow in readiness for the swearing in of your doyen.

Taking things for granded.

Angewachana na watu wa jaba, ange peleka actual evidence to supreme Court

Next time akuwe na polling agents na awalipe. [ATTACH=full]463792[/ATTACH]

  1. Maharau from all his key supporters. E.g. Atwoli, Tuju et.al.
  2. Kuingilia “God wa Ruto” ati deputy Jesus WTF?!
  3. Housing world’s worst political strategists!
  4. Missing the debate…
  5. Accepting endorsement by the incumbent

Let’s be honest… RAO lost because he was competing against WSR!!!

Handshake. SCoK didn’t see RAO in that petition , they saw Uhuru, the man who had trashed their injunctions , failed to appoint judges, stifled their funds and all together shown them the middle finger.
the question though is, how resonate is our judiciary with the hustler agenda ?, will H.E take the same route as his predecessor towards judiciary ?, for instance how legal is the Hustle fund, will H.E dissolve parliament in case the gender equality cap is not archived in the newly elected parliament ?
ladies and Gentlemen, the little or the much that Uhuru achieved, he couldn’t have done so without ignoring the judiciary. sasa ni wakati wa Woud Sugoi.

Chasing the elusive Mt. Kenya votes. Should have concentrated more on the Western votes.

He never paid agents removed Weta from minority leader .Participating in BBI raising debt ceiling.pickiing karua as deputy instead of kalonzo .Didn’t provide money to make people turn out in large numbers in nyanza.Shambolic Odm nomination. Great belief in deep state to rig him in

I think the first mistake was to let Weta+Madvd go, the Second was not rallying his base, especially Nyanza + Coast to turn out at over 95% (that will have fixed the 200K votes deficit), and Third, they would have forced Mwangi Wa Iria to run for the presidency which would have divided the Mt Kenya vote + his agents would have taken care of his votes. They expected Wacjakoyah to divide hustlers’ votes but the impact was very low.

Takataka post

there were no mistakes. Soros alikataa rao

Peter Kenneth project did not work also, splitting central vote is not that easy. Simply Raila is not a gentleman, he is a conman who can’t keep his word. Ruto on the other hand, can be trusted , that is why madvd and weta choose to go with ruto.

Kiburi among his advisors cost him. RAO also became careless after the handshake. Do you remember how they humiliated Weta by taking his minority seat? And the Weta said the divorce is going to be messy and noisy? Today Orengo almost cried after the ruling. They also almost lost Kalooser…

in the world today any candidate with links to Russia or Putin haendi mbali
mkiambiwa mnasema ni conspiracy theory. uliza turump. it’s surprising how rao and uhuru couldnt know this


Makes sense