Mistaken identity ama?

Kuna time number yake ilianikwa hapa (twice actually). Nimekuwa niki mbongesha lakini sioni damme kama ni lanye juu ilikua inasemekana ni wa sabina joy.[ATTACH=full]194626[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]194627[/ATTACH]

Wako Kwa V6/12 wakikuja

Leta hiyo number tukuulizie kwake

Hairy armpits? Aisee…

Saaaasa hata weeewe injinia umekuwa wa kujudge?

Are ‘engineers’ not supposed to have standards my brother?
I will have you know,though its none of your business,that I do have standards…how ever low they maybe:D

Skampaka acha hizo. Hio ni five o’clock shadow si ati hajanyoa…in any case…

injinia gani hio ngombe inaendesha tuktuk pale msambweni


Unangoja akuwe na poster kwa sura reading… From SJ with tips:D:D:D:D. Bro hapo umetuangusha

Tuktuk ndio iligonga yeye medulla, kutoka siku hio akaanza kujiita injinia…

Nilifikiria I was the only one profiling this woman. Based on her Whatsapp, she has a normal life. Prostitution is a full time job kama army.



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she must like that outfit
ata anabadilisha viatu na watch :smiley:

What whoring criteria were you using to profile :D:D.

Nilitumia latent profile analysis.
Considered a number of factors to conclude that she living just another normal boring life.

  1. Baseline: Mannerisms exhibited in her pictures and poses. Prostitutes are like actors on stage, their faces need to be visible to the audience. She also wears flat shoes, a rare thing with prostitutes.
  2. Deviations: There were inconsistencies in her locations based on the picture. There is no way she works full time at SJ. She also numerously features a child in her pictures.
  3. Clusters of gestures: My subject did not pose in any way to exhibit any experience in wooing male clients to have sex with her. Her smile is genuine and does not meet the criteria.
  4. Comparison and Contrast: Holding a conversation with her, she showed no increase in interest when money was mentioned. Neither was she as excited about a meet as a street whore would. There was neither show of adamance or looking forward to.
  5. Mirror effect: Looking into her camera trigger the neurons control happiness. What a rare thing for prostitutes, veteran or green.
  6. Walking style: This lady shuffles along and her head is almost always down. The strongest sign of low self confidence. You would expect that someone that deals with the lowest of scum in Nairobi has some confidence up her sleeves.
  7. Action words: She is not impulsive, weighs several options and actually think things through. Prostitutes’ judgement is usually clouded with money matters.
  8. Personality clues: Our subject seems introverted, driven by relationship, can’t handle crisis and/or uncertainty, and does not feed her ego.

My conclusion is that she is neither a prostitute nor qualify as one. She would fail as a prostitute. Based on my profile of other women in this city before, I am telling you that [SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]she works as a shop attendant in one of those stalls on Moi Avenue or Tom Mboya Street[/SIZE].

Research Materials:
Refer to the pictures.


  1. Don’t read.
  2. Delete her number from the forum.

@uwesmake you win raundi hii…

@123tikambio sijawahi gongwa na tuktuk. Get ya facts right!

@gashwin five o’clock shadow? I would want to see how her six looks like…