Mission Impossible : Fallout

A movie like this deserves to be watched in 1080p resolution or higher. Too bad I got no patience for that, will go for 720p, shit is hard coded but got another option for English. Enjoy!


A movie like this deserves to be watched in IMAX 3D not some tiny ass screen.

Jimit si utengenezee a dedicated thread on recently realesed movies plus their links (clear copies) kuanzia 720p kuendelea halafu tuijenge from there rather that different threads scattered all over …just a suggestion

poa nitaikalia

Halafu ile story ya tommorow land iliendaje ??? Hehe nakumbuka niku tease ukaniambia “meffi kojoa ulale”

He he, I still got more years ahead, nikiamulia nitaishia tu one day

Watched it pale Junction. Century Cinemax nao are wrapping popcorns in wrappers that sound like nylon…sasa tu movie inaendelea unaskia tu shkshkshkshhhhhk unadhani ni suspense building up

weka original magnet link . hii inakataa


nategea clear copy ya fallout…

hii rink imekataa

webripikitoka mniambie, hizi upus zingine sigwes ona

Is there a working terrarium alternative?

leo tena sio Blurip?



VE’s doing God’s work.

@Jimit What’s your opinion on this?


This shit and the other one called Fall my fav off that Kamikaze album, Joyner one of the few new school dude to keep it down for real rap

unaeza kua na link ya equalizer 2

Bootleg copy?

Just finished watching. Hii movie iko sawa. Best action movie this year no question.