Mission accomplished.

So this Mganga gave me an assignment she thought i can’t accomplish? Woe unto her.

It was on a sunday when i decided to go and make ‘prayers’ somewhere at the driest parts of Kitui county. I did meet Malombe anyway as I was mourning Nyenze. After been given a condition that I have to lay a mad woman mambo yangu ikuwe sawa, I headed home. Machakos. Stressed.

Come Tuesday night, I left machakos
with an idea of going to Voi. You see, Voi has the highest number of mad people. Both men and women.

Unaona hizo empty seats zote?? Chagua moja uenda ukalie. Silly NV


watu wameanza ukiliman

Who is Malombe?

I think he meant Akombe


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jinga kama hujui msito Malombe

[ATTACH=full]144784[/ATTACH] Silly NV hebu keti kwanza…na uache kusumbua…

ama Atombe:D