Missing Underwater Craft

There is still a slim chance of rescure …

A Canadian aircraft involved in search operations for the missing tourist submersible that vanished near the wreck of the Titanic detected underwater noises in the North Atlantic on Tuesday ,June 20 , 2023.
This discovery led search teams to relocate their underwater robotic search operations in an attempt to explore the origin of the noises.

The 21-foot-long tourist submersible , Titan , lost contact with its parent vessel last Saturday June 17, 45 minutes into what should have been a two-hour dive to the century-old wreck of the Titanic.

In the event of a mid-dive emergency , the submersible’s pilot would likely have released the ballast weights to float back to the surface.
But in the absence of communication, locating the Titan in the vast Atlantic would prove challenging.


If anything can locate this craft it will the Lockheed P3 Orion Sub Hunter Aircraft , Underwater Acoustic Sensors or high Tech CIA Spy Satellite Assets [… although no one is willing to discuss this option …]

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Mbona wakufanyia ivi immigrants wa Africa waliopotea uko Lampedusa Italy.


The same reasons why 10 million Africans die annually from Hunger , Malaria and easily treatable diseases …

  • because the developed nations don’t care …
  • but even more painful , because the Zakayo’s , Riggy Gee’s , First Daughter’s and Political Bimbo’s of this wonderful Continent don’t care either …

Ukweli wa Mambo … :rage:


Uko na mcheso

Seriously …
Ask Yourself …
What would make a person [ …and often entire families …] leave their native lands …

  • cross the Sahara Dessert in the hands of cruel Human traffickers.
  • be crammed into un-seaworthy boats with no food or life jackets.
  • sail for days in danderous seas.
  • risk capture , detention and possible return back to origin …???

And WHO is really to blame … ???

shenzi Kabisa … :rage:

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I have a different theory. Am willing to bet the US lost something important in the area and they’re frantically working ti find it without the Chinese or Russians snooping around to find it. The missing tube us just a cover to throw everyone off. Happened a few times in the past



Y’all brains are fucked up. Not everything is a conspiracy.