Missing kids phenomenon

I’m noticing random posts regularly about missing young kids and what stands out is that they are not from rich hoods so the kidnapping for ransom theory doesn’t apply. Just wondering what could be the criminals upto. I saw an earlier a post on twitter where a guy single handedly nabbed one such criminal and thought we have more vimenyi here.

Waganga ndio wanaleta hii shida. Sasa ukienda kwa mganga akuitishe firigisi ya mtoto utatoa wapi? Utaenda kuiba mtoto. Juzi mmoja amepigwa kichapo cha umbwa ati alikuwa anangoa mtoto macho. Thats my thinking.

organ “donation” cartels?
hio ya macho banae ni kama walikuwa wanatafuta cornea transplant

Urban legend. Watu huongeza chumvi. Boredom.

Media stations have also run out of news so they also create new propaganda/fake news.

Pale Zimmerman police walisema come forward all yee who have lost children, very few came forward.

Children are the best for DEvil sacrifices, it is this post-Mganga kutoka kitui doing all these fucking things in the name of helping others. But in a real sense, they are simply harvesting human blood and souls. Banish the devil in the name of sacrifice a kid.

Police walisema in many cases mtoto hurudi but wazazi hawasemi. Kenyans ni wale wale.

Ona wajinga wamejaa hii thread. Ati devil worshipping and evil sacrifices. The only logical reason is barren people who effectively buy children. Other than that as people have said children get lost all the time. But the media fails to report wakipatwa. So it seems like children are disappearing.

The police are in this game. So what they say is all but formalities. The police will tell Kenyans what they want Kenyans to know not what Kenyans want to know.

Sad though. Ati " gizzard" ya mtoto.

Never dismiss the power of evil so casually. You are deceived. The world is far less safe and innocent than you think. The devil rules the world, and thrives on layers of lies mixed with truth–evil thrives when people assume there is no devil, so there is no devil worship. How can you explain
“Other than that as people have said children get lost all the time”?
Where do these kids go? Yet there are so many orphans who need to be legitimately adopted, if it’s a matter of rich childless people who want children?

Keep your factless bullshit to yourself. A lot of these so called evils are simply due to ignorance. With your years umeishi kwa dunia do you seriously think that killing a child will make you rich? Yaani uko serious if that was the case si birrionaires wangekuwa wengi. Witchcraft and devil worshipping is just mass hysteria.

Watoto hupotea if you’ve ever interacted with a child you know how stupid they can be. A child can literally follow a butterfly deep into a forest. Or follow a dog across the whole neighborhood.

I’m glad the years I’ve lived haven’t made me the fool you are

Mostly to sell them to barren women… It’s big business nanii.

If fact your hatred of children shows in your words. What sort of person are you? No wonder you deny people are wicked because you feel attacked. Depart from me, Satan.

The same way people believe in GOD/ gods is the same way SOME few people believe in magic after sacrifice. Hao wachache ndio huchangia huu uovu utendeke.

Devil gani gasia. Grown ass man still believing in childhood myths? No such thing as devil or god or a diety ruling the earth. Bout time we take responsibility for our own actions rather that scapegoating some non existent entity. There’s no devil misleading shit.

sasa mimi ni Satan. Shit nigga you’re really dumb. And fun fact Satan doesn’t exist. Humans are just shit people who do evil things and then blame it on a supernatural inexistent being.

I’ll not argue with you. You are too clever for God.

Child trafficking