Missing Kenyans(ssu manenos)

Whoever said that …you stayed quiet when the state came for your neibas and media or something to that effect wasnt wrong…the ssu is just part and parcel of all govts work…guys employed and paid to do dirty work…let me jog your memories with this missing fellow Kenyans…[ATTACH=full]475112[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]475113[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]475114[/ATTACH]

There are snakes hiding in the grass.

mtu achunge mdomo yake saa zote, atosheke na ile kidogo ako nayo, na mtu asiwe kizingiti kwa plans za mwenzake.

Watu wa kule jasho Yao. Kama ni kupigana bafu con KRA. Hawa hakuna mahali watakupeleka. They will bankrupt you but no kill you.
Fellow Kenyans will kill you if you con them to stamp out impunity.

I read mbijiwe was also a small time con/fraudster…using his TV appearances to gain confidence na kuibia watu pesa kidogo kidogo hata alikua na kesi kortini. Hii maisha kula jasho yako. Utalia sijui due process na ufala kama hiyo but ukishakatwa makagari kwa msitu na itupiwe mbwa itafune mbele yako alafu umadwe due process itakusaidia nini

i had met ninja mbinjiwe in a certain forum over ten years ago. i was explaining something then something clicked in the young man’s mind and he started describing the strategic value of mariakani barracks. i felt uncomfortable and moved on. later saw ninja on tv flapping gums. someone may have lied about freedom of speech in kenya.

They all have a story that would possibly explain their disappearance.

i) Dafton Mwitiki: Rumours in the street inasema he kidnapped a grandkid to the KANU big boy. Hiyo ni kukanyanga wire ya umeme.

ii) Bogonko Bosire: He entangled himself with ICC witnesses hapo 2011 and thereabout. Those were the time when blogging was still a new thing. It is not rocket science how playing such game would end.

iii) Mwenda Mbijiwe: Rumours in the street inasema he was a small time con. Promising people jobs kwa security sector and conning them while at it. Labda alikanyanga yule mbaya.