Missing Indonesian submarine found broken to pieces

All 53 men on board died. Thank God for sparing women and RIP.

No Christian talks like that

Everything balanced coz of the single mothers that were minted that same time.

Thank God mgani and you are here subtly celebrating deaths .You must be an atheist and at best agnostic .

Let’s be honest nani. If it was 53 women who died, it would be a very sad affair. Why do men feel the need to go to space to go in submarines. Why? It would have been very unfortunate if they had coopted women into unnecessary adventures of wanting to go everywhere. Man is not meant to go everywhere. There are so many important things to do than this endless hunger of going to other planets. The moon and submarines. I blame men fully with their egos. And yes I am a Christian until Jesus says I am not. Bcz I am a Christian I can’t tell you the truth that you people with your egos need to take a chill pill. You don’t have to go everywhere, God wasn’t dreaming when He created you to be terrestrial. Leave the underworld ALONE.

I think you forget that your opinions about my religious beliefs are IRRELEVANT coz you don’t have the keys to heaven or hell.

Concentrate on your prostitution activities. This is abit technical after jazaring your cranium with MGTOW mantras.

Let me put it this way, men’s egos have destroyed the environment, made animals extinct bcz they want to go every where, own everything. I’m sorry for their families but who is sorry when men destroy the earth in pursuit of power? Submarines interfere with under water ecosystems. So basically they died doing the wrong thing and I’m grateful that they didn’t coopt women in this their madness. They’re not doing it for fun dufus.

:D:D:Dsome dude sure hurt you:D:D

Try reading something that isn’t about how to get between a woman’s knees for once in your life.


Those are some @Fucked up thoughts

A lot of women serve on the International Space Station as astronauts.

Because a man somewhere hurt you badly, you’re going to spend the rest of your miserable life hating on men. Fucked up soul!

Kapondi usilie… I know you are agnostic. Pigia Harrison Mumia ujoin cult yake

Niliwaambia huyu mwanamke hakuna relationship ashawai kuwa nayo na mwanaume, she’s either extremely unattractive or mentally unstable, and she copes by begging for male attention on a male dominated site

Mumia is not running a cult!

Ata mimi hushindwa mbona asiende kilimani mums na huko ndo kuna wamama anaeza uzia her gospel against men. Utapata hata her fellow ladies want nothing to do with her negative energy.

Men are adventurous humans, Truwoman. We are born to explore and conquer, and it’s not always with intent to do harm. Submarines are used to patrol the seas against enemy vessels, but mistakes may sometimes occur. So don’t judge us too harshly; most of the things we do are necessary–including parting womens knees. We wouldn’t be men if we didn’t.

What a FOOL. A true reject this one

Kwani babangu ni mwanamke? Don’t you think that by coming to comment on my post it is you who is begging for my attention.Kumbe you were discussing me and I don’t even know you exist. Ati unaitwa? LOL. So you want me to now start defending my opinion so that you feel important enough to have made me defensive and in need of your approval, hizi tricks zenu tunazijua. Wacha tuu nikublock ukatafute attention kwingine.

Yes. I know how necessary being between knees is. Very necessary otherwise none of us would be here.


I’m getting tempted to think you could be normal, after all.