Missing Baringo MCA, 3 children found dead...

[SIZE=6]Missing Baringo MCA Thomas Minito found dead[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Missing Kapsoya children found dead[/SIZE]


But why would you harm a small kid? Walikukosea nini? Maybe the killers only met the kids on the day they executed them? The kids even don’t know you

Maybe you had a beef with the dad but watoto wanaingilia wapi?

This is so sad 3 innocent kids ,I do not even want to think about the pain that couple is going through, kwa TV they said something about the uncle being seen with those kids but he denied it

[B]“…The three boys — Clifford Nyambane, six, Dan Nyamweya, five, and Glen Ongagi, three — went missing on Saturday…”

Their mother on Wednesday said the children had gone to church ahead of her but she did not find them when she arrived there a few minutes later.


“I prepared very early for church as is the norm on Saturday,” she said.

“However, when I reached church, which is just 500 metres away, I could not find them. I assumed that they had gone to play with their friends but I was alarmed when they failed to come back home…”[/B]

so sad maze.

so to the parents kwa kijiji at what age do you allow your kids to walk such a distance alone? i.e. go to church on their own?

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Ferk politics.

this is the village. the freedom in a village is not like that of the city. kids roam free easily. so i understand where she’s coming from.
but to kill a kid, forget even the special place in hell.
let him be caught and be left to the public to deal with.

Thats fucked up. Killing 3kids due to politics?

link please

Matthew 18:10 - “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven”

They have been welcomed with open arms. This story has really riled my spirit. I am both angry and sad.

The enemies of a man will be the people of his own house. I thought it couldnt get worse than the university students who kidnapped n tortured their own 12 yr old cousin for ransom,am sure theyd planned to kill him since he knew them but God spared the boy, but now this, surely the root of all evil is the love of money, bcz of MCA money u can lift your hand against a child? Jesus! Return!


Its now emerging that the mca had sold ancestral land to fund his campaign and this had caused alot of tension in the family

well this is terrible. either way killing kids is no retaliation for selling land if indeed that is the motive.
it’s extreme.