Missing 9yo girl found raped and killed RIP baby Masa

This is Masa Mayeshe.

She was 9 years old and a grade 3 student. A cheery, and obedient girl, she loved playing and was first to raise her hand in class.

The day before yesterday, Her mum went to call her to come in for dinner, as she was playing outside with her friends. They couldnt find her. They went to report to the police after 2 hours of searching for her at the neighbours they went and reported to the police at both Kayole and Soweto Police Station

Yesterday morning, her body was found at the roof of the next building next to their house. She had been defiled ,killed and dumped.

This child was killed in the neighborhood of our office.

Baby Masa, we speak your name today :wilted_flower::wilted_flower:

Baby Masa you should be here,playing with your friends
Doing your homework, preparing to go to school.

Yet another life stolen by femicide.

Baby Masa we remember you today​:wilted_flower::wilted_flower: Go well into eternity, we will fight for justice for you.


Shait. If found wanafaa kukua castrated

A sad one. 9 year old?.

CCTV need to be installed in kids playgrounds.

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This is sad.
Animals live amongst us.

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They should first be opened boot and shot afterwards. Filthy swines

Mi husema sheria ibadilishwe convicted child killers and rapists wawe whipped by the public, then executed in private afterwards. Devils.


:cry: :cry: :cry:

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Hasira yote ii ilitoka api bana

Yet you are praising a 90 yr old jungu in your next thread caught defiling a minor

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Senye ni rwabe tu kwa streets

The idiot who did it shouldn’t cross over with balls


Before auliwe mwenye amefanya hii ujinga… Huyu anafaa nishikiwe, afungwe mikono na miguu akiwa uchi, alafu mnipee 100 crisp new notes and a body nerve chart.


DCI wakiwa serious huyo ghassia atapatwa

RIP manze. Watoto wapewe heshima zao

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