Elders some few days ago, Your favourite girl allegedly lost her mom.AS is the norm, she immediately created a WhatsApp group where she added us and contributions started immediately to facilitate the funeral and clear hospital bill.However, people started raising eyebrows as no one in the family or any member of the committee ever shared any details with regards to funeral or the bills or even the venue of the funeral.Questioning was not tolerated at all any attempt to ‘Interfere’ with contributions was met and dealt with as fast and as soon as it emerged.The day of the funeral came either way and no one from the platform had details and that’s when people really questioned the without care. A few funeral pics were thrown in the group and the group closed immediately.Someone from the group contacted a relative he found through Facebook and siad that it was a scam. I don’t know what to believe Elders but just how far can go but I feel its just too far to even think of faking your mom’s death to scam people… It just doesn’t add up.I contributed 5k but it doesn’t pain me, I am just concerned.

Is this the photo of the mum?

Hehee mkuu this is Yunika’s photo


Mliamua ku-simp hadi na maliar, dinyweni kabisa. Maliar na jambazi huwa same whatsapp, they’re cold mofos without any sense of morality.

Tombweni kabisa maumbwa. Hamna Mambo ya maana ya kufanya na pesa zenu. Takataka

Bruh? You can believe that iyo pesa imeghulwa kama iyo pudesh after wao kupiga iyo hesabu ya pesa mlioshwa. Na a little self-respect ni muhimu…bei ni 150 si 5k

Hii maliar ni nani simjui

What’s your point?

I think they are saying that you are a simp and that you deserved to lose the 5k if not more.

Haha… nilitoka hiyo group haraka sana. Something was just not adding up

Wee ni fala sana lakini…5k yote…

Who is the con lady?

Alitoa mia tano

the wall imemchapa

even a 1000 was not acceptable bana.

Kwani coomer ya huyu maliar iko tofauti aje na izo zingine?

Mambo ilichemka mkuu

Not your ordinary…Hii tunagula n’a kina Linturi.look at that list that extends to No 89

So mbona are you dragging us villagers to this knowing that majority of us don’t form emotional bonds with night nurses, apart from a few outliers like MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!

:smiley: ajab

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