Dry fry material hadi kwa settings …but she might be a psycho bitch though

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As much as i believe in second chances anyone capable of killing a human being does not deserve a second chance. Killers should not be celebrated.

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karma is a shiko

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Huyu alinyonga nani?


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bado na ngoja kuona swimsuit edition ya hii beauty pageant

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There you have it…

She killed her boyfriend and tried to commit suicide

hkm bila worries. lakini all sharp objects under lock en key kwanza :smiley:


She is the one who stabbed her boyfriend 20+ times? SAITAAN.

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Kikuyu women suffer from Bipolar Disorder… avoid these women at all costs.


That lady in black nashuku ndiye organiser wa event. Nikimpata kama cougar nimkunje kwa kitanda on her knees face down kwa bed sheet and ass all fthe way up coomer inaniangalia tu. . . . Chenye nitamfanyia. . Wacha tu



And you might be on something brother. I stumbled on one whose mood swings were out of this world and by accident a smart doctor was able to diagnose her with Bipolar. So many have it but assume its something else

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Enyewe Farid R.I.P.

amanboo mharo alert

Ufunguo, unameza

Unaweka ndani ya mfuko ya unga ya sembe

Stabbed her bf 21 times