Ms. Kamanda today told a Nairobi judge that she killed bf in self defense after he tried to stab her after she found a medical card with his HIV status, apparently he did not want people to know his status and to keep her from ever revealing it he tried to stab her and she put her fingers in his eyes then the knife fell on her chest and she proceeded to stab him in quick succession 22 times in self defense since he wasnt becoming unconscious and was trying to wrestle the knife from her .I think this beauty will soon be realised from jail.

utangoja aachiliwe hadi ukufe.

Unataka aachiliwe ndio uninherit…Huyo haachiliwi any time soon

Twenty two times? Self defense? Bullshiet!!!

Was she a nurse, CO, lab ass or some other medic? if no atafute uongo mwingine. she may escape the noose by reason of insanity being a crime of passion…


This is Kenya the capital of impunity, if anything she did the country a favour, she killed a man who is knowingly infecting women with HIV. I can bet my Bugatti she’ll be getting off pretty soon.

Hebu post hiyo Bugatti…Wacha kutisa sisi na ni apiko uko nayo

Before jail and after… kweli jela ya siku hizi …


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Tuliona kabla the Tom Mboya airlifts.

Her narrative seems far-fetched… First of all, how can you be in a relationship with someone yet you don’t even know their HIV status?.. What is wrong with people!!!

hii ameambiwa na lawyer. anaeza toka nje meanwhile wewe @GeorginaMakena ni lini utaniLAMBA LOLOH?

hii story ilikua case files ktn sijui 2013… five years later ndo unajua?

Stop being foolish.
So you are up-to-date with your patners status?

dead men tell no tales

What is self-defense? It allows a person to use reasonable force to:
INDENT Defend himself from an attack.
(b) Prevent an attack on another person,
(c) Defend his property.[/INDENT]
Ati HIV? haha…studpid girl