Miss Avocado

So yesterday uncle @uwesmake alitupea chakula( http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/can-you-remember-who-posted-this.20641/ )-That beautiful ‘dryfry material’ alikuwa anapika nyama na avocado kwa kitchen.Nway i jumped on the opportunity and called her.Damn!!!She had a sweet voice:

@rollout: Hello,is this Miss Avocado?
@Miss Avocado: Yes it is.Sorry sijasave namba yako.Nani anaongea?
@rollout: This is @rollout calling,tulipatana blankets and ‘whine’ a while back.Hunikumbuki?
@Miss Avocado: Aaah yes,i remember,you know i met so many people that day.Sema how have you been?
@rollout: Yeah,i tried to call you some time back.I was away in China on a business trip.Safaricom platinum postpaid has a roaming problem in China nowadays.
@Miss Avocado: Ooooh Platinum,China?now i remember.Yes i saw ur missed call.Pole Dear…Niambie, uko Nairobi?
@rollout: Yes beb,i just arrived this morning.I am on my way from Kilimani heading to town.
@Miss Avocado: Aaaah,Uuuuh… Si u buy me drinks today,am in town also…
@rollout: Am eazy beb,lemme call you when i get to town.

@rollout heads out of the office at neck breaking speed,i almost forgot my car keys.I got to the elevator,nikapatana na a certain receptionist,mfupa mfupa hivi anafanyanga 6th floor.I greet her and she starts chatting,vile anaongea inakaa leo anahitaji kusuguliwa.I have no time for this,a mfupa in hand is not worth a mzoga in the bush…

…To be continued…




Real billionaire

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So many gems: blankets & whine, safcon platinum, china trip. Hii kijana ipewe elder.


Hii inaweza pokea shuma in default from top, front and back


Leta full hekaya bwana


Refer to the original post, meffi.


Mujamaa kwani hizi ofisi zenyu zinakaaje. Inakaa bureau ya mamboch hivi hivi


Wewe Leo ni Friday maliza hekaya we dont have the whole day.

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Leo lions , NTSA na walevi lazima wapatane

hio ndio mahindi ya kuita kuku kutkutkut


miss avocado part 2 imepotelea wapi?


Hehehehe nomaa

Hii kijana atakuwa elder mbele ya @ culture,chukua likes za elders na ulete handle uingie telegram.