Misri ni Kubaya

Electricity prices for factories to be increased by 41% starting next month. Mkono wa IMF (shirika la Fedha Duniani) kuonekana.


Shait!!! Kumbe maSlaves wa IMF tuko wengi?

they welcomed exported democracy…wakule ujeuri wao

Misri will always be tough place to live !

Ukiona mwenzio akinyolewa chako kitie maji. Next is 254 hapa kwanza ni kureduce number of elected leaders

So if you cant pay the loan you blame the bank? [ATTACH=full]176902[/ATTACH]

Plague number?

I’m afraid we’re already having issues with the IMF on the country’s wage bill

Interestingly most multinationals shifted their manufacturing bases from Kenya to Egypt in the 90s and 2000s. Most companies were reduced to mere distribution shells.
Example: Reckit benkeiser, cardburys and which other one?

This I support with or without the IMF

They have 12$ billion bailout loan from IMF yet the government spends 18.6$ billion a year on subsidies to cover fuel, food and electricity for its citizens

Recently they introduced huge levies on tap water and electricity to cover the loan… The report says

We really need God’s grace to understand this government

When those Arabs in Egypt are struggling I feel nothing in my heart.

Unasema tubadilishe katiba , this is a welcome move

Maybe other comesa countries will catch a break, Egypt used to subsidies they elec prices mbaya, now those subsidies are being reduced due to the crazy amt of debt Egypt has.
But this is one serious country when it comes to infrastructure construction, the army mobilises and for example are able to build 5,000km of highways in one year (2016) or expand the of Suez Canal.

union carbide/eveready

Its inevitable hapa hakuna jubilee ama naswa. Its long overdue

SC Johnson

I bet their electricity will still be cheaper than ours even after that 41% rise.

Nilisikia chai ya Kenya inaenda kuwa processed Egypt sababu ya cheap electricity. Hii pengine ni habari nzuri kwa Wakenya.