toxicity and negativity is your brand. I saw your post saying you feel used in your marriage. If you feel that way just because you were bought through an arranged marriage not everyone feels like that. Pambana na hali yako

Feminazi…I can supply u some medical massagers if u feel flesh n blood men are not ur thing


wapi link

Booom…no word. Just a click. Of the block button.

For to be a certified feminist, the word “misogyny” should be used frequently

If you think arranged marriage is bad just look at what you kids have to contend with nowadays. Denying reality doesnt negate the facts in the name of not being labelled negative.


Since when was she married?

Umetuchosha hii kitu peleka chama mpige udaku huko.

Itisha copy kutoka kwa KTalk archivist

Picha yake iliwekwa hapa. The only thing she might have been married to ni misery.

The fact that Ive blocked some people and they follow every single thing I post like a love sick puppy says more about them and how pathetic their lives are , I post what I want, my personal views and if I dont like what you post I just block you, I dont follow anybody to check what they post, I just look at posts that interest me regardless of who posted it , why do some people feel the need to compel others to be or think or feel like them. And if they dont its time to be bitchy like someone with bad PMS , if your life is so so great and you’re so busy building Kenya, why does one person’s content bother you. I dont impose my values or views on anyone, I just state them. If I dont like what you post I pass, if I really,really dont like it I block you n forget you exist, I dont follow you in every post to bitch thats being petty and childish. If you disdain my content sooo much why not just ignore it like normal people do.Its 2 year olds who throw tantrums if they dont get what they want not the well adjusted adults you claim to be.

Oh here is another interesting one about the economics battling the porn industry


Reach husband unafikiri ilianzia wapi?

I was not sure this was Makena. Now I know.

musisumbue me dear MaKENA

Misogynists created civilizations. Suck it hard suck it long and don’t you dare spit feminazis.

But the identity theft issue revealed otherwise.