mismatched libidos

Aliciah. Maybe you are a talker. Its me. You remember that guy at campo pale 125.
You might wonder who is Aliciah. She was a yellow yellow mkambodia back at campus. She was weird bt alisafisha thing’aing’a ya mzito miaka nne.I was gathering all my thought and energy to combat that cat. Literaly,i had never put much effort in anything in life than that time i was hitting that pussy.
Why was she wierd?
At first alikuwa hesitant to do the act. Siku moja ndio she decide to come clear na akanishow she prefered nikichapa hio kitu lazima awe maji.Hapo at first nikaona ni Upuss haitakuwa favourable mechi ikichezwa when one party is sober.After great debate between heads (Big and [SIZE=2]small[/SIZE]) it was decided to have a trial.
Before that i confronted her why be drunk to do the act. Hapo akasema it’s to shut up the Self-counciousnes and resistance.Ju threshold was always met na other times at that state ningemuongeza kamoja ka nane ka bonus.
The time she was not drunk she would say i hit it quickly as possible na hangetaka kuguzwa.I didn’t like it that way bt i was forced to always kueka fombe.
As if that was not enough when she used to orgasm she would roll her eyes at the back of his head. So i was forced to blindfold myself not to witness that i would then continue since the sex itself iliwa moto.
Sitaeka mbicha since i know some talkers will jerk off impregnating a demon somewhere.

Well, that lived down to expectation!

Unasema nini?


Let me be Mzee Gashui today:

  1. The word is weird not wierd
  2. Possessive pronoun for females is her not his.
  3. Learn to use paragraphs.
    All said and done, that bitch was not worth hitting on.


Nice story waiting for part two…imaginary

Kiingereza kando…unamaanisha nini na title ya hekaya. Ulipewa nyau ukatapatapa

Hekaya @bure.

Boy, you got some ‘wierd’ n fatal imagination.

Hii ndio ubaya ya kupewa story alafu unakuja kuianika hapa…chieth…

Your dreams are invalid