Mishty come see your people.

Jihadis attacked on health workers in Silawat Pura area, Indore. Health workers were on duty to find out the positive cases of corona.


Pity, I hope they all die of the same disease.

Hapana tambua

Religion of peace


Lakini nini husumbua wahindi? In the villages they are chasing away health workers, hata landlords wanafukuza doctors and nurses. Ukigonjeka utaenda wapi? Will they pray to their cows and elephants?

Muslims wako hivyo
They are now thanking Allah for giving them victory

Maan, don’t attack the religion, blame the individuals. Say ROGUE Muslims are responsible for this. Just the same way you can’t say Christians are bad because of kina kanyari, Nganga, prophet (pulizz, lol) awori among others. Did all healers, na waganga, in their healing services go on leave when they are needed the most?