Mishra withdraws scholarships and driving school after not being elected MP Kesses

When I tell you politics is a business and a politician who has invested heavily must get his return on investment otherwise he’s withdrawing his investment. That’s what’s up beaches. My advice to future politicians is please invest in something you can retrieve if you are not voted in. Like cows, driving schools and scholarships which are awarded before elections but can only be disbursed after elections. Don’t allow these dumb ass, desperate, broke electorate take you for a ride. You are the politician here not them.

That former MP for Kesses, Mishra gave almost every homestead a cow, took 400 kids to secondary schools using his own money, opened a driving school and had them trained for free, but they said, “Hatutaki Mtu wa Pilipili”! We want our own!" They voted him out…

I read somewhere that, he has now decided to withdraw scholarship for those students and channel the money to elsewhere…

Indeed, Choices have consequences.

Waendee scholarship Sugoi

wali expect nini kutoka kwa MUHINDI?

Yes. Reality must hit people. Choices have consequences. Let him take the details to the new MP a wealthy former county minister of finance.

Hakuna Cha Bure

It’s a thankless society we live in. Once you help them, it’s almost like you owed them something. I remember my mother tellIng me that out of the countless people my dad helped secure a job, only one ever came back to say thank you. By offering to buy him lunch one day.

Those are Kenyans for you. Extremely selfish fools. I am mourning for my former mp in Laikipia East. These fools voted for Kiunjuri,that thieving tout.

Kwenda kabisa. Kwani bursaries didn’t exist before that muhindi? Blackmail za kiupuuzi pelekeni mbali. Ati sasa usipigiwe kura ndio upeane bursary? Chukueni huyo muhindi kule kwa Odomites

The fellow was paying fees for students from his salary, over and above bursary. So now they may be left helpless after they chopped off the hand that fed them.

They said Mishra ni mtu ya Pilipili na wao ni watu ya Maziwa. Wakakunywe Maziwa sugoi

Can’t waste my time arguing with a bottoms-up wheelbarrow pushing vagabond like you, you oaf.


Jaruo ya laikipia endelea kulick wounds. Ruto ni president wako pende usipende. Ukitaka hama Kenya. Toa machos kabisa