I was at the club yesterday with some friends and we had a heated discussion. Apparently, they said that Christiano, Mayweather etc earn too much. Christiano earns 365000 pounds per week!! They made it seem so easy which made me see that the average man is largely misinformed. Success is like an iceberg. People only see the small part above the water surface and are blind to the gigantic piece underwater. Reminds me when a reporter once asked Mohammad Ali about his making millions of dollars per minute fighting Joe Frazier. Ali asked him about the many times he went without pay running on the pavements and when he was punching a bag in a run-down district with nothing but his dreams. So yes, Christiano and other athletes, including our very own marathoners don’t earn the money in that short period. These people put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there. That race, fight or match is just the coup de gras moment, like pulling the trigger for a sniper who spends days camouflaging, looking for vantage points, selecting rifles and waiting for hours on end for that perfect moment to take that shot.

Okaaaaaaay den!!!

You getting somewhere but bottom line is Ronaldo and the like earn that much because of the popularity of the sport and their particular leagues. Women soccer players don’t earn near that much while you could say it’s practically the same thing. African players in local leagues are also low earners despite working on the same profession. Thing is whoever pulls the biggest masses earns the most. Ronaldo pay is way above the effort he puts in even if he is bleeding day in day out.Dude literally works out and plays a sport twice a week maximum many engage in for pure fun. He simply earns that much because of economies of scale, a very huge population follows his particular sport and their agents have done an excellent job to get them a good portion of that money.

If Ronaldo wasnt paid that money, the team owners would keep it. That is, another monkey would keep it. In Mayweathers case, the TV networks CEO would keep the change.[ATTACH=full]180777[/ATTACH]

His agents don’t play football, he does. His record speaks for itself. Eto earned a lot in his day and he is African. Enough said. However, I do agree that the following of a sport is a determining factor that sometimes falls outside the players control. In the end, football is commercialized and you only sell what people want to buy. No offense to women, but most people will not pay to watch a women’s match and that is a fact, including fellow women.

African leagues are poorly structured. In Mexico ( which is a third world country), the average soccer player makes $600,000 a year ( in the top league).

It has nothing to do with structuring and everything to do with revenue generated. Players only get paid well if the league generates good money. Kenyans don’t want to pay for local matches, or can’t afford to. It is as simple as that. Players are assets and assets are used to make money.

Thats why I used Mexico as an example. Its a 3rd world nation just like Kenya. The would be best players choose other careers in Kenya since soccer pay is too low. So that means low level of competition. Poor marketing. eg 7 teams from one city. Means competing for the same resources. It turns off sponosors.

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Mexico sio 3rd world…Umbwa ya trumpstan wewe

Or close. Gunia wewe.

One important parameter in the equation of “humongous” pay for topnotch athletes/sportsmen that is easy to sweep under the carpet the SHORT LIFESPAN OF an athlete/sportsman CARREER. Even if an athlete’s professional career kicks off in his teenage years, he will hardly last more than 15 years in that sport. In fact, most do hardly 10 years at the topmost level, where the “money” is.
These athletes retire “very young” if you look at it from the perspective of any other profession and considering life expectancy after retirement. A teacher, for example, can be in permanent employment for up to 38 years, assuming s/he is first employed at age 22 and retirement age is 60 year. A doctor’s career can last even longer.
When you look at it closer, you realise that the variation in the total sportsmanship income earned by a topnotch athlete and that earned by a “star” employee (one who rises to the top ranks of management, before their retirement) is not as “humongous” as a quick and direct comparison of weekly/monthly wages/salary would suggest.

Sad but true. No wonder most end up broke because the money dries up quickly and they have no financial literacy. They continue living the life even after the tap dries up and the inevitable happens