Miscellaneous Amendment Bill

Mafisi Kujeni.

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They call it the Miscellaneous Amendments Bill and in it are so many diverse amendments some of which are simply outrageous. Under the shower on MPs yelling abuses, they are inviting the public to give their feedback before the 27th of December…a holiday time where barely anyone will notice…and thereby things will slip by un-noticed into our law books. We are being toyed with - as usual. Focus!!



before hullabaloo, how is the age of consent arrived at? here are some of the various ages and their respective European countries;-

Fourteen Years

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia

Fifteen Years

Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Iceland, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

Sixteen Years

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Northern Cyprus, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Seventeen Years

Cyprus, Ireland

Eighteen Years

Malta, Turkey, Vatican City


So, we know the age of consent will not be an outrageous amendment and it is based on reality, so what are the ones that are being ‘sneaked in’?

wacha 18 ikuwe tu 18. kama mnataka watoi mhame priss…

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I agree with you 100%. Kuna kitu nimeona pale kwa gazeti (and we’ve dealt with one such case barely 2 months ago):

Even though rights campaigners who advocate for the rights of the girl child are up in arms against the amendment, Federation of Women Lawyers chairperson Josephine Mong’are told the Star that the amendment seeks to protect the boy child.

“The boy child has become the unintended victim of the Sexual Offences Act. A lot of teenagers are in relationships without their parents knowledge.

If the girl’s mother does not like the fact that you have a boyfriend, they go to the police station and claim rape or defilement.” Monga’re told the Star on phone.

Typo it was posted on fb by Caroline Mutoko.

iteremshwe tu 15 years. who cares about Caroline Matako?

It should in fact be raised to 21 at least then someone will have matured to know the consequences of engaging in sex. At 18 you still encounter a lot of naive and ignorant people with no idea of emotional and physiological effects of sex

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Details. I’m curious.