Mirroring Apps

Didn`t know that you can do that in Android, downloaded an app called Parallel Space from the app store, it auto detects the apps you want to clone, tap on them and it creates a new version of the app without having to download it or anything, pretty neat

Naomi has that feature built in the OS

Sisi watu Wa Naomi hatuna haja ya parallel space tuko sorted. Lakini bwana rugio parallel space imekuwa enzi za geopoll

Never knew it existed till now, johnny come lately syndrome. Solved some problems

How much water is needed to de-shit a tortoise?

mitungi kadhaa

you mirror on what?

Clone the same app on your phone, like have 2 whatsapp accounts et al

By ze way nime test 6 WhatsApp on 1 phone

You have a hexaSIM phone?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

What the use of that now if you have a single sim phone?

Figure its more useful for dual sim, or logging in with different email accounts

:eek::eek::D:D:Dati @Gio ni short form ya rugio(frying pan in greek):D:D:D Mukuna you just made my day!

Hii nilitumia 2014…

uliacha kutengeneza beats?

Got one… Will upload here later…

Research purposes.:slight_smile:

Sisi Naomi tuko na second space. You create a new phone on the same phone. Amazing. Story ya app tumewaachia nyinyi.