Miriam Kemunto dies in the Gulf

Aki Mungu watoto wetu wataarudi kwa majeneza hadi lini? So painful.


Let’s learn from history, these Arab countries are wired to look down, exploit and murder Africans especially those from subsahara. Even during the era of slavery; they took more slaves from Africa than those taken to the Americas, but used to murder them when they became old and weak. At least in America* we have millions of slaves descendants. Do you see any in this Gulf states?
If you are educated and enlightened, tell these girls to be maids in Kenya whatever the pay.

*In Americas, its only Argentina which wiped all slaves and its descendants, they learned from Arabs.

Watu watafute kazi pale kazi iko, unaweza baki hapa alafu uchotwe na matatu jogoo road.


Wakiosha marungu za waarabu unadedi tu roho safi.There are so many women and men working in Arab countries and sending billions in Kenya each month .Wafanye ile kazi waliapply kufanya.

Murdering someone when they are old and weak doesn’t stop them from having descendants.

There’s a disturbing narrative emerging that these girls organs are being harvested. It does not make sense the short periods seen recently of 3 months or less and the person is dead. Unless you are lured for work but end up having your organs harvested.

I heard that black men were castrated to avoid multiplying.

Heard even the Chinese had slaves but had them castrated so they died out without breeding. Hakuna Blackman’s paradise huku inje wadau.