This personal vendetta you have with God is very useless in our eyes. Get a life bro

Miracles ziliisha by the way ama ziko chini ya woiyez? Nauliza tu kwa uzuri

You will soon suffer and know that you should not blasphemy against God!

Threats is not the way to go Mr. Commissioner.

Why doesn’t manna fall nowadays, or did people stop dying of hunger, or were they just cooked up stories?Religious people and threats, you believe out of fear.

miracles happen but they are not recorded

sawa mkubwa but the OP should refrain from mocking the creator


So how do you know they happen?

By going to church

But most churches livestream their sermons these days due to covid restrictions. If miracles are happening, we should see them.

These are the questions that modern theologians need to address, we need miracles now more than ever. Blasphemy and other such concepts are used to supress critical thought.

-People getting healed through faith.
-Financial breakthroughs.
-Disabled people regaining ability

[ATTACH=full]365781[/ATTACH] through this kind of prophets?

Tune in to any ‘Deliverance’ ministry and share your findings.
Five folds ministry as per apostle Paul; should have a pastor, prophet, teacher, apostle & evangelist. Miracles, prophecies & healing zinatembea uko ajab.

No. Not through fake prophets but through faith

Do you know how stupid you sound, use your bonobo brain.

Endeni mkatizame hiki kipindi. Perhaps you will understand more on the subject of modern day miracles.


Nah,the oracle…

Iliendelea ama bado iko hanging?