Mipango Manenos

“Licensed firearm holder shoots another man dead in Garden estate after finding him at his girlfriend’s house when he came unannounced…”

Where I come from, our elders adviced us that when you come home late from your drinking spree, come with some noise and don’t go straight to the house, waste some few minutes checking if the cow shed is well locked, they were not fools.

Hata kama unalipa rent piga simu useme unaenda, slices must be shared. Hiyo coomer si ya mama yako bwana.


kama unalipa rent then it becomes your house too

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Nyumba hauishi hata kama ni bibi you don’t walk in unannounced.

Cant agree with you one bit first those days hakukuwa na these wierd diseases second hakukuwa na masponsors third you could marry as many wives as you wished if she cheated its normally the men’s fault coz of their irresponsible behaviours right now in the eyes of our society its only right to have one wife who should be loyal only to you

OK hiyo part ya bibi ni sawa, na mpango je?

Kwa nini niambie wife ati nakuja na ni kwangu? Kwako unafaa kukuja ata 3 in the morning unannounced, because when you show these women you are predictable, that will be the end of you. Unakumbuka what happened to that KDF man in Baringo?


Hehehe. Omwami leo umewekeko pangi gani kwa chai pwana?:smiley:

Mundu Mulosi, agree with you. Ni kama kalamu, wakati unaitumia kuandikia ni yako. Ukimaliza kuaandikia na kuiacha chini, unaenda hata msalani, haujui nani mwingine ameitumia kuandika wakati haukuwepo.

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“If God had been a Liberal there wouldn’t have been Ten Commandments, there would have been Ten Suggestions” Malcolm Bradbury, After Dinner Game, 1982

He he he, in Duale’s context not your twisted mind my fwend.

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Hhahahah. Fool.

Now he is going to rot in prison, while the pussy will be humped day in day out. The worst psychological torture he is going to endure.



Una safiri na musamalia mwema hadi western , ukifika pale shopping center yakwenyu unatafuta mtu unapee yeye burungo apelekee pipi…were unaingia kwa klap kusalimia watu…sasa kama pipi alikuwa. Anagawa slices , jamaa anapata nafasi ya kuhepa…apana piga watu marisasi



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my thoughts exactly his butt will be humped in jail

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That why, whn you have a chance,you shld “fuck her until u get tired, retire and come out retirement” C/o Lil :smiley:

No need to mess up your life while pussy is so abundant out there. If you have a feeling she’s sharing the slices, just walk out of her life and get a more deserving one.


Boss, wote hugawa slices, sasa utashinda uki “walk out”? Chukua zako uende, just don’t be the fool kulipa rent(read lodging) for other fisis. Just pay for pussy and go.


That’s what I mean, after you have taken your slices, what are you lingering around for, just move on. If you find another fisi is partaking the slices before you are through, all the more reason for you to move away faster.

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Hawa Government Contractors na Civil Servants watamaliza Vijana wetu.

Exactly. Pay for the puthy when in need. And go on with ur bness… the urge hits again pay again…the cycle…

But again, watch out people’s wives. These are landmines…u may regret stepping in there…