Miocic Vs Ngannou 2


As much as I’d love Ngannou to win, his chances here are quite limited. He’s still, clumsy, and only relies on a probable power punch, which is unlikely to happen against a swift, strong, and agile guy like Miocic, with impregnable expertise in groundwork too.

One punch is all Ngannou and its over.

In the first match, Nagnnou came out swinging punches like a madman only for Miocic to duck all of them. Miocic literally let Ngannou swing punches till he was fatigued where he missed almost all of them. Ngannou should learn how to properly strike an opponent not swing punches like Deontay Wilder.

Otherwise Miocic will go home a winner.

as long as ngannou has not improved his grappling/wrestling he is no match for the humble champ

Rubber meets the road this Saturday 27 March.


Francis Ngannou couldn’t get the job done in his first shot at Stipe Miocic and the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 220. In the main event of UFC 260, Ngannou left no doubt that he had become the best heavyweight on the planet, knocking out Miocic with a brutal sequence of strikes in the second round to claim the heavyweight gold.
Ngannou cracked Miocic several times in the first round, landing massive punches that Miocic absorbed while seeming unaffected. Rather than panic, Ngannou rode forward to the second round, landing a big jab that sent Miocic stumbling to the cage. Moments later, a crushing left hook sent Miocic to the canvas and a follow-up hammerfist on the ground left Miocic out cold at the 52 second mark of Round 2.


Lakini Miocic hakai kama Heavyweight. He is tall and has a very lean body. No muscles et al. Heavyweight division naonanga watu ni majitu. People have big bodies and have more muscles kama Ngannou, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, Derrick Lewis, Junior Dos Santos etc.