Miocic VS Ngannou 2. UFC 260

Ngannou malisa ghaseer. Bring the title to Africa


Tyrone Woodley nanyoroshwa kama ghasia

They are off in a few. That was embarrassing from Tyron Woodley

Game on…good lk camerun…let’s do dis Ngannou

I’m just afraid the emotional toll this will have on Ngannou if he loses.

Ngannou has an amazing life story…he never gives up

Nganoou win round 1…10-9

Very nice first round by Francis.

Ngannou KO



What a story. What a journey

Sasa tunangoja match ya Ngannou na Jon Jones.

Tyrone is washed out hata ako 39. He doesn’t have it anymore.

I think Eric Nicksick has secured coach of the year 2021 with this.

Ngannou has obviously worked on his wrestling. I was wrong. I expected Stipe to win. I was very impressed with how he defended that take-down. A well-deserved win.

Next match is Jon Jones. The question is whether Jon can take a punch because Ngannou has knocked out very many tough heavyweights.

Jon Jones is one sneaky motherfucker. Dont underate him even though he is a dirty fighter.

Yeah. His fight IQ is off the charts. I’m sure he will sneak in some eye pokes or oblique kicks early to immobilize Ngannou before picking him apart. However, Jon has struggled in his last few fights and also struggles when fighting against people his own height.

True. Mostly he has been fighting shorter competitors where he has the advantage of a longer reach. He is also a dirty fighter. Lots of eye pokes and he is a juicer.