Ministry of Health mess

…The doctors went on strike due to the problems they face due to poor working conditions, you Kenyans whom they were fighting for called them greedy and selfish.

…Most of the doctors haven’t received pay since strike started, example Nakuru county now they are on strike again and the cycle keeps on moving on and on.

…RTWF yet to be implemented, Recognition Agreements yet to be signed by the counties and No word on the CBA that was to be signed in 60 days after signing of RTWF…

…Dear kenyans, Habari ndio hii

Do you know how many programs are supported by US, ARVs, hizi PEP mnapenda kama njugu, other programs, Peoples employment are at stake…families will sleep hungry just because of few selfish, greedy people who loot bila huruma.

Doctors tried to air all these, they were crucified, its now happening: story below, copy pasted from the link

The US government has suspended US, including USAid direct assistance to the Ministry of Health until such a time that certain “specific conditions are met.”

In a letter signed by Brian Woody, the USAid/Kenya and East Africa contracting officer says activities such as salaries and wages, operations, domestic and international travel as well as meetings and workshops have been suspended.

It is not clear how long this suspension, that will affect national level programs handled at Afya House, will be in place or what instigated it.


However, the suspension was communicated to the Kenyan government on May 4 according to Mr Woody’s letter.

“Any activities conducted with the MoH during the period of suspension will not be reimbursed by the United States government,” says the letter dated May 8.

Further, Mr Woody in the two-page letter, says they will meet with representatives of the affected programs on Wednesday morning for an informal meeting at the Lord Errol hotel in Nairobi.

The US Embassy will issue a statement on the issue on Tuesday.

Efforts to get word from the Ministry of Health on the letter was futile as the Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu did not respond by the time of going to press."

Individuals have eaten to their hearts’ content… it’s now time to tighten their belts and actually provide the basic services required with the little cash yenye iko, si mambo ya those tu trips na tu-useless meetings which are cracks through which cash seeps through and disappears… tough times ahead yenyewe…

Kuna madaktari wamelipwa hii weekend imepita! Imajin hizo increments na arrears for five months.
@Luther12 hebu nunulia kijiji crate ya pombe. Accounts zimenona sana.

…most of those that have paid ni zile mostly hardship mahali kuna madaktari less than 10 the whole county, these developed ones with many doctors wanadai hakuna pesa, watu wangoje, mara IFMIS, mara rumours ati pesa zilicampaign na wengine wao wakaanguka…wacha tungoje tuone

I’m one of the unpaid ones. Storming some offices somewhere kesho or the day after. Meanwhile, seniors resigning left, right and centre. Harsh times ahead.

…will they be able to sustain like HIV drugs supply?

Yeah. ukweli. Hao walikuwa ni wa hospitali ziko mwisho wa kenya. But we really popped them bottles.
Hebu hawa wengine walipwe haraka tukunywe za bure. Long Live Doctors.

…tuko wengi…najipea tu hopes na kale ka clip ka uhunye akisema watu walipwe. Nikisota sana, naplay hiyo clip na rejuvenate.

At the national level, they usually have sufficient stocks to last about 10-12 months.

Siongeangi mob. They don’t pay I don’t show up.

…sijui kwa nini na suspect hao wako ni wa tana river county


The health ministry should not have been a devolved function.

Boss enda ukaokoe maisha vile uliapa malipo baadaye.

Hehe…it’s the only thing that makes devolution ‘worthwhile’.

Sina fare.

Yes, they have to… I don’t think the whole withdrawal of USAID will affect supply of arvs and other drugs… rather, I really hope it doesn’t.

…atatoka wapi na nyumba imefungwa na landlord juu ya kukosa kulipwa, mtu aende na nini hakuna fare, dont you think doctors are humans and they also have basic needs that need to be met first before they are able to perform?

i can imagine the pain of all those staff who are paid directly or indirectly by USAID when they realise that they are about to be lose their daily means of earning an income

Devolution of health ilikua blunder, its like the county govts have a score to settle with doctors, i wonder to what end…