Minions of Kenya Power

Anyone from Kenya Power care to explain why the bills have quintupled this month? What gymnastics are you playing with the bills?

Watu wa postpaid mashida ndio zenyu




Okay. So if I run a 1000watt machine for eight hours that will be 8units plus those other levies?



Na calculations ziko namna huyo. Personally for domestic use I try to keep it below 50units.

tano tena jamaa . pesa ya campaign inafaa kurudishwa…ng’ombe ya @native son


Tano Tena!

Nimesoma pahali ati one of the dynamic duo alimalizia pigsty alikuwa anajenga huko county, I think he needed money to finish. Remember both of them have interests in KPLC, one as the majority shareholder the other is currently their biggest supplier.

Tano tena

Kitu enye I don’t understand , why are you building 6 empire like houses knowing that you will sleep in one house at one time , you will shit in one toilet in one house at one time. Not anytime will you be in 6 houses at same time or burried in 6 houses at the same time !!

Someone has less than 35 yrs to live and should focus on investing in people and the community. Then leave a legacy not leave bad taste in the mouth as the most corrupt , greedy, land hungry persona to a point of teargassing little kids just to grab their play ground. KUMI fresh 2022

When our fake pastors lead national prayers they should exorcise this guy mpaka hio greed yote itoke.

The billing should be the other way round. 0-50 units should be charged the most while units >=1,500 the least

Having a firm grasp of the obvious ain’t we?

Are you awake or deep asleep dreaming when typing this?

I long gave up complaining about Kenya power and decided to take the bull by the horns.
So far, so good.

Pick up any electrical book and it will tell you the same.

Hutaki upusi lakini uko na upuss. So, wale wanatumia umeme kidogo (the majority being those in rural areas and and low income earners), should be charged more? That’s what you are saying?