minimize data usage

Hi, kindly advise how I can regulate data usage.I’m using windows 10 single language na inanyanya bandus like groceries.

Tafuta kitunguu dogo.

nikipata mtu hajafanya chefry

Turnoff windows automatic updates. DO the same for every application that you install that is, turn off automatic updates including the antivirus.

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na kama wewe ni mtu wa instagram kama mimi kuna setting pale ya kureduce data usage

where do I go on my pc


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-First go here ( ) and download this application. And run it.
-Next disable the services: BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and Windows Update.
-Disable Cortana if the app I recommended did not do it. Use Group Policy.
-Use a picture for the lock screen. Windows spotlight will download pictures from the internet if you do not set the lock screen background as an image.


  • Set location as Kenya. It stops Cortana from downloading some stuff you wont need in case it is not disabled.

windows 10 single language pris I’ve used n hacked windows 10 before but this one is different…windows 10 single language

What’s different in Windows 10 single language? I use Win 10 1703 (Build 15063.0) English International version and has no unwanted network activity. Unless you got a modified version. Get ISO from MS website.

If you using phone as hotspot, set the connection as metered.

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@holycow :D:D

Don’t do that… above!

Just download Tiny Wall firewall and install. Then just allow the app you want to access the Internet! Ur done!

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