Mimi Humwagiwa Ndani and others of his ilk

Chairlady Mendez Going Their Own Way, you need to pick a struggle. So you are a MGTOW preaching about the slave plantation but you claim that you will marry a naive young lass when you are 70, first of all, how sure are you that you can make it to 50 like we elders let alone 70. Why are you busy misleading others that you are mgtow, don’t enter slave plantation yet you yourself admit that you want to be in that same plantation one day in the future. Isnt this misleading others. Pick a struggle. Do you endorse marriage or you don’t? If you hope to get married at all then stop misrepresentating yourself as a mgtow. Marriage is marriage whether you do it at 20 or 70. I know you are looking for customers for your anal business but surely detracting men from marriage is not the best marketing by vilifying competitors like Airtel adverts. FYI there are so many married men who are on the down low who can be your customers. No need to mislead others when it’s all a strategy to reduce competition and become a monopoly, there’s enough for everyone.

Number 2,single mother this, single mother that. What is your problem with this singo mothers since I’m almost certain that you are too retarded to even get a woman pregnant. Or was your own mother a single mother? So what do you exactly want women to do, if they want the sausage without keeping the whole pig aka the baby daddy or if the baby daddy poteleas karura as you love to put it? Are you really ready for a world without singo mothers. With the sharp increase in single mothers if there were no single mothers the population would decline rapidly. With the same mouth that you are accusing single mothers and women of easy virtue, you also insult women who have decided that they don’t want anything to do with men and have consciously decided not to have children for men altogether opting out of the matrix. Now what do you want? If women sleep around, problem, if they don’t, bigger problem, if they become single mothers, matusi, if they choose not have children, bigger matusi. You have to pick a struggle or a side, you can’t be all over. I know ni ngumu Malaya kukula na msimamo but try.

This obsession you have with insulting and demeaning women isn’t normal, there’s something personal that you are escaping through all this railing. Is it because your mom was a single mother? I would not be surprised at all bcz this passion you have isn’t normal there’s something driving it that’s affected you at a very personal level. Can you imagine us finding out that your own mother is a singo mother and the way you are always here talking shit about singo mothers?

Either way quick recovery from your cognitive dissonance. Pambana na hali yako without turning all women into your punching bag. We are not the source of your bitterness with women. We were not there. Get some help before it’s too late. Enzoy your weekend.

I think you two should date :D:D:D. You will mellow each other out.

When hell freezes over

You never know. Opposites( at the end of the spectrum) attract.


MGTOW = Freedom

But you can dance a little today because geh, feminists and aborrtion apologists have stolen his emminence Dr. Trump’s victory