Mimi humwaga ndani kicked out of plane

After becoming the first known case of someone kicked off a flight due to refusal to wear a mask Wednesday, an Kenya Airways passenger has now become the first to be temporarily banned by an airline.
Passenger @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii was asked to get off a flight from Nairobi to Mombasa after he refused to wear a face covering as required by Kenya Airways policy, the airline confirmed in a statement. He was in the company of a skimpily dressed woman they were touching each other .They were most probably going to have fun at the coast.
@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii will be allowed to fly with Kenya Airways “once face coverings are no longer required for customers,” the airline said Thursday in a statement to KTN.

Kenya Airways declined to say how often people are banned. KTN has reached out to @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii for comment.
This is the first known incident of this type since the airlines announced plans to more strictly enforce mask wearing.
Wearing face coverings on planes is not mandated by law, but airlines have instituted their own mask requirements for crew and passengers. This week, several major Kenyan carriers, including Kenya Airways, pledged that they will take a harder line on enforcing their policies.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spike throughout the U.S., several airlines are enforcing strict safety measures aboard an aircraft, with the majority of them requiring a face covering at all times throughout a flight.

Three major U.S. airlines—Delta, United and JetBlue—have banned a total of more than 1,200 passengers from future flights for refusing to wear a mask on board.

In a Wednesday statement, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said that nearly 700 passengers were placed on a no-fly list so far for refusing to comply with the airline’s face covering policy, which Bastian considers “one of our most important safety tools.” Delta’s policy states that “customers and employees are required to wear a face mask or appropriate cloth face covering over their nose and mouth throughout their travel,” and cites guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that recommend wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19.

But Delta isn’t the only airline banning passengers as a consequence for noncompliance: United and JetBlue also have ongoing no-fly lists naming 435 and 88 passengers, respectively. That means more than 1,200 customers have been banned from flying at least one of those airlines for this reason.

Both Southwest and American Airlines noted that they don’t track mask noncompliance for public release. A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines mentioned that the company’s approach is to prevent people who won’t wear masks from boarding the plane in the first place, informing them of the mandatory face-covering policy prior to travel.

“Southwest also communicates this policy in pre-trip communications and expects compliance to this policy as a measure to prevent the need to ban a customer from future travel,” the spokesperson said


And In Other News…

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Wednesday that two passengers could face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for refusing orders from flight attendants to wear masks and, in one case, shouting obscenities.

A woman on a Dec. 27 JetBlue flight from Boston to Puerto Rico refused multiple requests to wear her mask and remain seated with her seat belt fastened, authorities said. The woman allegedly shoved a flight attendant multiple times, shouted obscenities at her and then threatened to have her fired.
As a result of the woman’s behavior, the captain diverted the flight back to Boston. The woman faces a potential fine of $20,000, the FAA said.

Less than a week later, another JetBlue passenger on a Dec. 31 flight from New York to the Dominican Republic allegedly refused flight attendants’ instructions to wear his mask and to stop drinking from a bottle of alcohol he’d brought on board and turn it over to crew members. When flight attendants gave the man a “Notice to Cease Objectionable Behavior” card, he shouted profanities at them, slammed overhead bins and became more uncooperative, authorities said.

As the plane was preparing to land and taxiing to the gate with the “Fasten seat belt” sign illuminated, the man allegedly threw his bottle of alcohol behind a seat and went to the lavatory. He was met at the gate by law enforcement officers. The FAA is proposing a $12,250 fine.

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