Millions of people flock to airports to flee Afghanistan after Taliban takeover


Reposted nonsense

Talibans are Moslems, the people fleeing are Moslems too. I don’t get it.

Western propaganda

There is a big difference between muslims. For instance wahabi Muslims believe prophet Muhammad was just an ordinary human being while Sunni Muslims venerate the guy as God’s chosen messenger. That’s a huge source of conflict. Think of it like the old days when the Catholic church refused to tolerate any other denominations of Christianity like protestants. To the point they would carry out crusades(read Genocide) on entire villages

Some of those fleeing are the ones that worked and supported the US war effort there, they fear retaliation by the taliban. But it seems the taliban has no plans to massacre them.

Yes kidole sambusa

Wariahe hio matusi inamaanisha nini? You are not making any sense I thought you said wewe ni B+ material. Ama unachizi juu ya kukula miraa chafu?