This Millicent Omanga Twitter troll is opening another can of worms…


huyu ni jirani.

Sweep kali.
Who vetted her in that room.
Arap mashamba au musamaki?
Au Douwale?

au wote…

Without evidence or a credible narrative that holds water, this is just innuendo that isn’t worth the phone it’s typed on.

What I find unacceptable is the tendency by whores to pass off the proceeds of their horizontal interviews as results of their honest hard work. Take Caroline Mutoko for instance. Subtly encouraging women to take up whoring in the name of not settling for less while she knows that were it not for it, she would probably have been nothing.

wuehhhhh muoto saidi , ndio as an opinion leader siko active twitter .

eiish brutal

Feminist 101


That’s savage

Ouch. :D:D:D:D:D

I never liked Caroline Mutoko. The fact that nobody wants to marry her tells me that my instincts were right from day 1

gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . caroline mutoko is hottttttttttt from kitambo

I listened to her years before I ever saw her picture. My mind was made up about her before I ever saw her picture

Mwanamke ni tabia, matiti na matako. Now Mutoko hana tabia na matiti na matako yake ni average so she is out.

:D:Dhii ni kali

Catherine Kasavuli was the best

Usidanganye watu najua twirra handle yako

mama nakwisa pewa sweep moto saidi