Millicent Omanga too big to handle. ( pesa )

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga’s company was to supply G-3 slings to the Prisons at 200m. [ATTACH=full]227448[/ATTACH]

huyo Millicent omanga anaweza bid hata pussy yake

the “ignore” button is magical manze

amazon is selling them at $5.99 for a 4-5 business-day shipping on the gun strap ,4400 profit sio mbaiya,hiyo mwanamuke atakula ka 80 mil bila wasss.Remember the guy who sold chalk dust for chlorine to the kenya government back in the early 90’s? i love kenya

Digi tuwekee mbicha ya huyu Omanga, tujue ni nani

ndio huyu

She will be made an ambassador so will echesa as kamwana fights corruption

Matina manene

Useless language

If a Bish when dancing she checking her ass and self out rather than grooving and vibing that a hoe… Unaona vile anatry kuslay but nussing… She nothing but

Back in the old dark days

It’s true this is how Kamwana fights corruption… Just check his last list of newly appointed ambassadors… All scam bugs: One wonders as to who advises Kamwana into these ill-advised decisions : how can thieves who were disgraced back home be Kenya’s diplomats?


Confusion has hit the posting abroad of the ambassadors vetted by Parliament last year amid a push-and-pull between the Executive and Parliament.
There are also reports that they have been rejected by the receiving countries.

But sources in the executive say the diplomats have not reported to work because President Uhuru Kenyatta is yet to commission them.
The ambassadors were endorsed by the legislators although the character of some of them were called into question, with Opposition members walking out in protest.

The National Assembly Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations has held emergency meetings with senior officials in the Foreign ministry, to no avail.