Millicent omaga

apparently she says economy class seats hazitoshi booty yake she needs akue anakipiwa business class tickets akipanda ndege

She was in the benchmarking tour to the worldcup in Russia payed for by you and me. I don’t like her for it

Shida ya kufanya clueless slay queens wawe ndio viongozi wetu!

Alipanulia and most probably still panuaring for a big wig politician. Hata mkiwa job and a female employee starts giving the boss slices kuna tumaringo fulani wao huwa nayo kama tuu hii ya Omaga.

Yet she campaigned on a platform of being mama wa miradi

I think you mean disgusting. She has an expensive taste but she is too lazy to work for the things she wants.
Her name is Omanga not Omaga

For once you stood for rightful virtues.But as usual she says she was misquoted.

Am happy Nairobians rejected her

I have noted it too. Boss akipanuliwa mguu na nyang’au lazima hiyo nyang’au itawakalia kiasi.

She was loaded before she joined politics…
She is the founder and Managing Director of Milways Enterprises – a business which deals in construction, interior décor and import of furniture and electrical appliances.

Esther Passaris was also loaded but alipanulia then ODM bigwigs ndio apatiwe slot ya Governor but instead ikapewa Kidero

Don’t be naive…before business she was a ‘close political associate of deputy President’ and around 2014 she was part of the kengen looters as a director…do the maths

kuna design pia boss aki kula sana…anitema hapo ndio utakua unamuingililia bila huruma

Na KenGen wanapenda kupea wamama hii kiti. Inakaa kupanua ni norm

Kindly indulge me…
How do you know this?

Google asks “did you mean Omanga?”

Chris Kumekucha blog spot

I am not surprised…

this is true a friend of mine told me all her sisters are employed at kengen plus some of her relatives

I am aware at some point she was close associate of the dp but the first time i heard about her i still in college in 2012 .
Her company had a stand at the homes expo.